A Night to Celebrate: Diamond Rank…Friendships…Business Success w/ a VIP Limo Night on the Town!

My Team has worked so hard the past year building their businesses, I wanted to CELEBRATE them!! My hubby hooked us up w/ his limo and we took a night off to have some fun, VIP Style!!

Ironically the “Diamonds” who have Achieved this coveted “ranking” have also become my Best of Friends!  I don’t say that lightly…but these ladies truly Inspire Me Everyday w/ their Determination, Goals and Fire to do something Great w/ their Life!!  And they are…changing lives, helping people get healthy/fit and build an amazing business at the same time!

YOU are ALL the Vision I had when I started my Team Beachbody Business – here we are 2.5 yrs later and WOW look how we have grown….

I feel like the LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD to work everyday w/ the Bestest of Friends, Leaders & Go-Getters!!

Cheers to my Diamonds: Lisa Koehler, Kristia Hord, Lizette Reyes & Danielle Laux!!

(Diamonds unable to attend – BFF Shawna Penney & Liz Rodriguez)

I’m so PROUD of Each of You!!


Living Life with P A S S I O N!!

Craig Holiday & Kristina (Oct. 2009)

Being in the “People Business” as most of us are…I ask you, are you LEADING your Life with P A S S I O N?  People are hungry for Motivation, Encouragement and Hope…WE all have the Power to Give that to Someone EVERYDAY – Give and you shall receive…

I’m sharing with you what Passion means to me and HOW I choose to LEAD the Coaches in my BUSINESS…

Passion by Craig Holiday (my Business mentor)

P- Being the PROFOUND SIGNIFICANCE in the Lives of Others...Accept who you are and be willing to change to become BETTER!!  EVERYDAY create Significant Moments in  the lives of others!

A- Action: Get on the Field!! Your life is waiting for you…Set Goals and Go After Them.  Do the small steps everyday that will lead you to your Ultimate Dreams!

S- Service to Others: It’s not about YOU, its about them…Care enough to reach out to people to listen, care and be there for them.  Encourage someone everyday!!

SSet your Soul of Fire!!  Decide to become BETTER by surrounding yourself around Leaders/Champions who are living the lifestyle you desire! READ 10 pages of a Good Personal Development Book Everday!  INSPIRE others to DREAM again…

IInward Devotion to Greatness!  Have the Courage to live your life everyday doing the things you don’t necessarily WANT to do, but need to in order to move forward

OOne Person with Passion is Better that 40 merely interested!! ONE PERSON can change a Home, a Family, a Business….a Nation!!

NNever Quit!! Struggle is less painful than regret….


Our Team