She’s Losing the Last 10lbs

I’m on that journey to LOSE the last 10lbs after my 2nd pregnancy 19 months ago. Although I have done this twice now at two different times in my life, its still hard.  The first time was pre-babies hitting my lowest weight of 131 and the second was after my first daughter…however I did do it!!!  I don’t get obsessive about weight so for me its timing.  Its been over a year since I’ve my daughter, I’ve lost a lot of the weight and I’m in a place now where I can actually tackle this last amount. So if you are looking at your own journey – consider looking at in “blocks”.  You may want to lose 30lbs but just take 10 at a time, create an action plan for that and the success you make happen will motivate you to continue…

So now that I’ve made that decision what will the workout and nutrition program look like? I pretty much choose my workout program based on what I feel MY BODY needs and is craving right now…I’ve just come off of doing Core De Force for 90 days (results on the left side) then Hammer and Chisel (strength training) so I’ve had a good mix of cardio and weights. Now I”m looking to TONE and RE-SHAPE my lower body for summer so I’ve chosen Brazil Butt Lift for the next 30 days mixed with teaching Turbo Kick once a week!! The trainer for #BrazilButtLift was the personal trainer for the Victoria Secret Supermodels!!!! So yes enough said 🙂  But I do change up my workouts every 30 days to keep my body guessing and challenged.

Nutrition is going to be about Leveling Up! Taking what I’m already doing and kicking it up a notch to see those NEXT LEVEL results I’m looking for! Sooooooo for me thats going to be lowering SUGAR and CARBS. Focusing on protein, veggies, healthy fats and documenting it all.  I don’t get crazy – I still eat peanut butter and guacamole and even pizza on the weekends if i want it!!! I believe you have to do it all in moderation and the moment you feel deprived – you will set yourself up for failure…so I can help set you up for success to prevent that 🙂

I’m on day 7 and starting an Accountability Group May 1st with a starting date of May 8th.  IF YOU would like direction, guidance of a Coach to help you lose the last or the NEXT 10lbs – I would love to have you on the journey with me and in my group of motivated ladies!!! As your personal Coach  I will give you a meal plan that will be simple to follow, virtual workouts that you can stream from your phone / tablet / computer and a private app where you can check in daily!! I will help you trouble shoot the places you were getting stuck before, identify those areas and give you a mapped out plan to succeed.

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Things to Know:

-All Access Pass SUPER SALE Ends 4/30!! (this is basically having access to every Beachbody Workout Program EVER created for ONE YEAR for the price of less than a $1 a day?!!!)

-Join my group the week of May 1st to have an entire week to plan your menu, grocery shop and meal prep with ME!

-I will Coach 5 ladies in this group MAX!

-Join by 5/3 and receive my own weekly meal plan that I follow!

Contact me by filling out the application above and I will help you find your missing link EVEN if you do not decide to join 🙂


You’ve got this girlfriend!


Kristina xoxo


How Instructors & Personal Trainers can make additional Income w/ Coaching

I’ve been in the Fitness Industry for over 15 years…here are my thoughts on WHY you should take a look at the Multi-Million Dollar Fitness Company – Beachbody – as an additional resource for you to build your career in Fitness!!

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HOW TO Build a Full Time Income as a Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer

Fitness Instructors & Personal Trainers are people who have chosen a career path that they have a GREAT PASSION for!!  But WHY does that mean that they have to earn less?   One of the questions I get asked all the time is….HOW can I make a Full Time Income as a Group Fitness Instructor/ Personal Trainer either by doing more or supplementing with another area of fitness?

Before I answer that, let me tell you a bit about my history…

Who am I: I’ve been a Group Fitness Instructor for 15 years, a Presenter for Chalene Johnson’s Company for 5 years – Powder Blue Productions – including Turbo Kick, PiYo & Hip Hop Hustle as well as a Continuing Education Provider for ACE & AFAA within those formats.  I’ve been a Club Manager for Women’s Fitness Clubs for over 10 years including many different positions: District Management, Group Fitness Director for 9 clubs & Fitness Director in charge of Personal Training.  I now have my own home based business: Online Marketing in the Fitness Industry.  I share this with you to let you in on my experience in many different areas of Fitness…

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Teaching Group Fitness Classes!!! As do ALL Instructors, we CHOOSE to Motivate everyone in our class to not only get a great workout but to teach them that Fitness can be FUN!!  It is the HIGHLIGHT of my day!!  And if my body could handle it, I probably would teach full-time…but not only is not good for my body to overtrain but its also not fair to my students to burn out on them & not deliver the BEST CLASS!  Instructors teach on average 5-10 classes a week and Personal Trainers are in demand at peak times of the day: mornings, evenings and weekends.  Both of these situations explain why it is a CHALLENGE to Build a Full Time Income as an Instructor or Personal Trainer.

In fact, most Instructors & PT’s work full time and do fitness on the side.  But so many of us STRIVE to be able to do our PASSION full time!!! So, is it possible?  What are the Options?

Let’s start with looking at what some of the different positions in Fitness and the Average Salaries…

2010 ACE Fitness Professionals Salary Results

Most Popular Fitness Job Titles
Full Time Part time
Personal Trainer $42,204 annually 


$18,648 annually 


Avg. Hrs = 16.38/wk

Group Fitness Instructor $31,963 annually 


$8,538 annually 


Avg. Hrs = 7.5/wk

Fitness Director $41,921 annually 


$25,400 annually 


Avg. Hrs = 23.55/wk

Pilates Instructor $46,650 annually 


$21,560 annually 


Avg. Hrs = 15.46/wk

Group Fitness Director $37,226 annually 


$17,450 annually 


Avg. Hrs = 19.82/wk

Club Owner $80,382 annually 


$35,336 annually 


Avg. Hrs = 22.18/wk

Options to Make More Income in Fitness:

  • Learning to teach an additional format such as Pilates, Yoga, Turbo Kick, Hip Hop Hustle, PiYo, Strength, Zumba may bring your current hourly rate up (depending on the facility) or give you the opportunity to work more hours as an Instructor!
  • If you are a Group Fitness Instructor, you may consider studying for your Personal Training Certification (or vice versa) Personal Training allows you to work more hours and gives your body a physical break.
  • Club Managers and Owners traditionally make a good salary but they do work long hours due to the responsibility of the staff and team Goals. If you love leading a Team and are a Goal Oriented Individual, this may be of interest to you!
  • Most Fitness Directors teach or train in addition to their required hours to make an additional $5,000-$10,000/yr. to their salary.
  • Becoming a Presenter in your favorite format is another option to add additional income & share with others what you LOVE!!  Powder Blue Productions offers a Training called: All Star Presenter Camp to prepare you for becoming a Presenter or just a ROCK STAR Instructor!!

Another option is “Coaching” You may have heard of an Opportunity Beachbody, the Multi-Million Dollar Fitness Company, has created for individuals to become Reps for their products including P90X, Turbo Fire, Insanity & More!  This is an Online Marketing Business helping people Get Healthy & Fit by simply “recommending” their products and more importantly…building a Team!  It is an opportunity for anyone (not just fitness professionals) but honestly it’s what Instructors & Personal Trainers DO EVERYDAY ALREADY!!  It was a natural fit for me because I love to help & motivate people live a better life….and I could build it as BIG as I want!!!  Ultimately I always wanted to have my own BUSINESS but Financially it was Impossible….NOW I do have my own Business, Schedule my own hours and work for MYSELF all while making a full time income!!  I think its GREAT and the financial opportunities are INCREDIBLE!!  Not to mention you also receive 25% off all the products, SWEET!

December 29, 2008–December 30, 2009 – Beachbody
Coach Rank            Average Annual Income

Emerald Rank         $2751.00

Ruby Rank                $9094.00

Diamond                  $21,966.00 (approx $400/week)

STAR DIAMOND   $164,166 – $930,000!!

***Ranks are based on the level you are at in the business.  I hit Diamond Rank in 12 months and Star Diamond in 24 months, and I’m still climbing!!

Chalene Johnson: Turbo Fire & Coaching Opportunity!!


Resources to Get Certified as a Group Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer:

ACE – American Council on Exercise

AFAA – Aerobics & Fitness Association of Americal

Powder Blue Productions: Turbo Kick – PiYo – Hip Hop Hustle


My Success Story

Connect with me if you would like more information on attending a Powder Blue Productions Instructor Training, Joining my Coaching Team or if you have any other questions.  I would LOVE to help you make your PASSION for Fitness a Full Time Career!!!

Cheers to your Fitness Career, I know you will ROCK IT!!