How The Secret Changed My Life

I’ve always been the girl who believes in Disney Princesses and happily ever afters….I mean why not? But most of my life I was told I was naive, lived in a bubble or with my head in the clouds. It wasn’t until I read “The Secret” in 2011 that I realized how IMPORTANT it is to DREAM!  Dreams are simply GOALS on paper. Take that one in for a moment. We all get caught up in life and at some point, really stop dreaming – at least BIG DREAMS! But I can tell you my entire life I’ve had a burning desire to do something GREAT with my life…I just didn’t know what! The Secret instills that your Thoughts become your Life…AKA as the Law of Attraction.  What you think about most of the time, you have the power to draw that into your life! Sounds crazy I know, but it is for real! So it gave me permission to DREAM BIG again. To write down my goals, believe in them and commit to them. To do whatever it took to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!! And it definitely did just that…through positive thinking, visualization, being crystal clear on what I wanted in life and speaking it daily = i brought it into my life!!!  It isn’t a coincidence that that same year I earned over a 6 figure income in my Coaching Business…something that seemed almost impossible when I started! Even MORE though it taught me the POWER of BELIEF in myself. That I can achieve anything I set my mind to and whatever I want my “story” to look like 5 years from now…I have it ALL within me to write it as how I choose to live it 🙂

So if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it! The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Its the Small Steps that will Lead to Successful Life!

It’s the little things you do everyday that will ADD UP and lead to a Successful Life…

This year I read a great book – The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen – which really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking.  If you want to get better at something in your life–fitness, health, finances, marriage, relationships–its about taking the small steps DAILY towards that goal that ultimately add up to something great!  In fact the steps are so small that most people don’t do them because they seem insignificant, meaningless in fact…but in fact its just the opposite…5% of people in life will achieve their Ultimate Dreams because the WILL to CHOOSE to follow the Slight Edge!!!

Here are some examples and How I Applied the Slight Edge:

Losing Weight

Problem: Losing Weight doesn’t happen in a day or even in a short period of time. If you want to really do it right and keep the weight off it takes even longer.  Losing 1lb a week is considered healthy…In January 2010 I needed to lose 15lbs.  However the closer you are to your goal the harder it is to take it off.  I focused on the small, daily tasks that I could control which kept me thinking POSITIVE as well as gave me a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT Everyday!

Small Daily tasks:

  • Kept a food journal of calories/meals/water
  • Eat 5-6 small meals a day
  • Drank Shakeology 1-2x a day
  • Worked out EVERYDAY: P90X – Turbo – Running – Strength Training
  • Pre-Planned meals by pre-cooking them and had go to foods always ready: veggies/fruit etc

Results: Lost 13lbs in about 6 months…still working on the last 2lbs!!  Lost a jean size and I am in the best physical/cardio shape of my life!!

Make More Income/Paying off Debt

Problem: 2 years ago I was working full time in a good paying  job but I wasn’t happy working a ton of hours and I still had a lot of credit card debt.

Goal: To own my own Business, Pay off Debt and become Financially Free!!

Small Daily Tasks: Once I found a Business I believed in, I signed up…I knew it was going to take TIME and PERSISTANCE to build it big!!!

  • Make a To Do List Everyday
  • Meet New People
  • Share w/ Friends what I was doing and how it can possibly help them as well
  • READ 10 pages of a good book
  • LISTEN to 15 minutes of a good audio
  • Commit to my fitness and nutrition program
  • Learn, Learn, Learn!!! Listen to Team Conference Calls / Webinars
  • Work on Personal Growth!! Become a BETTER PERSON!!

Everyday I repeat these tasks, I am the only one holding myself accountable.  If I don’t do them, no one will know….If I do them, I WILL KNOW!!

Results: I was able to walk away from my full-time “draining” j.o.b.!!! I am making the same full time income working from home!!  I am now working on paying off the debt and setting up our financial future….cheers to the next 2 years!!

Reading Good Books Will Change Your Life!!  Take the time out and dive in…your life is waiting!!

If you want to hear more on my business success and how you can too, watch this: