Staying Slim through Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is around the corner, do you have a plan NOT to overeat this holiday?  Are you thinking “This is ONE DAY and I’m going to eat whatever I want  because its the holiday and I deserve it”?? If so, that’s great but then this blog post probably isn’t for you….its for those who want to enjoy their holiday but still keep it safe!!  Here are few tips of mine to not over-indulge and pack any additional pounds this weekend…

1. PLAN AHEAD – You probably need to plan out your 4 day weekend as most people have multiple parties/family gatherings.  Know when you will be eating out and try to stay on schedule for all other meals besides those.  Example – If you know you are having a full spread Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday at 5pm then plan to stay on your regular healthy breakfast, lunch and mid meals before then.

2. DON’T SKIP MEALS – Avoid the thinking “well I’ll just fast till dinner then I can eat whatever I want/ Save my calories” Noooooo ahhhhh!!!! I scream when I hear this!!!  In theory it sounds good but here is what happens ….. you slow down your metabolism and you end up being SO HUNGRY by the time the meal comes that you OVER EAT!!! You can shrink and stretch your stomach when you do this….not good!!  It’s better to eat your normal meals beforehand and you will make smarter decisions at meal time 🙂

3. WORKOUT! Even a 30 minute workout that morning will Boost your Metabolism that day AND naturally curb your appetite!!  It doesn’t have to be a long workout but just get it in!!

4. CHOOSE YOUR PLATE – Again have a plan going in….you know there will be a spread of all your Favorites!!!  And you CAN have them….but in moderation.  Fill your plate with WHOLE FOODS like Turkey (watch the gravy), salad, veggies, mashed potatoes (ok!) and then leave small amounts for all the other stuff thats probably not so healthy – casseroles, cheesy pastas/rice, buttery buns etc.  This way you won’t feel deprived but GOOD that you are in CONTROL!!!

5. DESSERT – If you are not a dessert person….ask yourself, do I really want this?? Don’t just eat it to eat it…sound silly?? but I hear that ALL THE TIME!!  I AM A DESSERT PERSON so I personally will save my calories for this :))) Moderation is KEY, ENJOY!!

6. LEFTOVERS – This is where you can get in trouble!  You can get away with eating one INDULGENT dinner and even dessert BUT not for 3 or 4 days in a row…yikes!!  Send food home with people and if you’re not hosting, be careful with what you TAKE WITH YOU…because you know you will eat it!  Don’t just take food to be polite 🙁

7. GET RIGHT BACK TO YOUR NORMAL SCHEDULE – The faster you can get back on track with healthy eating and your workout regimen, the Better!!!

It’s the Holidays and YES you should enjoy yourself!!!! BUT….also look at your personal priorites and goals, hopefully these Tips will help you STAY ON TRACK!!

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