She’s Losing the Last 10lbs

I’m on that journey to LOSE the last 10lbs after my 2nd pregnancy 19 months ago. Although I have done this twice now at two different times in my life, its still hard.  The first time was pre-babies hitting my lowest weight of 131 and the second was after my first daughter…however I did do it!!!  I don’t get obsessive about weight so for me its timing.  Its been over a year since I’ve my daughter, I’ve lost a lot of the weight and I’m in a place now where I can actually tackle this last amount. So if you are looking at your own journey – consider looking at in “blocks”.  You may want to lose 30lbs but just take 10 at a time, create an action plan for that and the success you make happen will motivate you to continue…

So now that I’ve made that decision what will the workout and nutrition program look like? I pretty much choose my workout program based on what I feel MY BODY needs and is craving right now…I’ve just come off of doing Core De Force for 90 days (results on the left side) then Hammer and Chisel (strength training) so I’ve had a good mix of cardio and weights. Now I”m looking to TONE and RE-SHAPE my lower body for summer so I’ve chosen Brazil Butt Lift for the next 30 days mixed with teaching Turbo Kick once a week!! The trainer for #BrazilButtLift was the personal trainer for the Victoria Secret Supermodels!!!! So yes enough said 🙂  But I do change up my workouts every 30 days to keep my body guessing and challenged.

Nutrition is going to be about Leveling Up! Taking what I’m already doing and kicking it up a notch to see those NEXT LEVEL results I’m looking for! Sooooooo for me thats going to be lowering SUGAR and CARBS. Focusing on protein, veggies, healthy fats and documenting it all.  I don’t get crazy – I still eat peanut butter and guacamole and even pizza on the weekends if i want it!!! I believe you have to do it all in moderation and the moment you feel deprived – you will set yourself up for failure…so I can help set you up for success to prevent that 🙂

I’m on day 7 and starting an Accountability Group May 1st with a starting date of May 8th.  IF YOU would like direction, guidance of a Coach to help you lose the last or the NEXT 10lbs – I would love to have you on the journey with me and in my group of motivated ladies!!! As your personal Coach  I will give you a meal plan that will be simple to follow, virtual workouts that you can stream from your phone / tablet / computer and a private app where you can check in daily!! I will help you trouble shoot the places you were getting stuck before, identify those areas and give you a mapped out plan to succeed.

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Things to Know:

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-Join my group the week of May 1st to have an entire week to plan your menu, grocery shop and meal prep with ME!

-I will Coach 5 ladies in this group MAX!

-Join by 5/3 and receive my own weekly meal plan that I follow!

Contact me by filling out the application above and I will help you find your missing link EVEN if you do not decide to join 🙂


You’ve got this girlfriend!


Kristina xoxo