Fighting Inflammation – Day 8 Results!

So I’m excited to say I have committed myself to removing ALL High Inflammation Foods in the past week and have made it through!!!  Haha let’s just be honest, it wasn’t easy BUT it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be either. I am DOWN 5 lbs in 8 days!!!! I mean WOW! I feel amazing!! I can feel the inflammation leaving my body…I feel lighter, less bloated, no joint pain and just over all brain clarity that was definitely fogged up before. I am on a 14 day test run to really experiment what the best plan is for my GUT HEALTH and what I’m finding is I probably have YEARS of inflammation in my body.  It’s going to take time for it to break down. But in one week my digestion is BETTER that it has been in I can’t remember the last time AND I’m eating foods that would normally TRIGGER IBS episodes…like red meat and nuts.  So 5 lbs is great but the education alone and truly understanding what has been going on w/ my body all these years is a GIFT in itself.  I’m following a 14 day high fat, low carb plan. The high fat is all healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, nuts and even grass fed beef.  The high fat is keeping me full and clearing my brain fog.  The low carb is NO STARCHES – I’m only consuming carbs from veggies, nuts, all foods except starches.  I will keep you posted on recipes, what my meals look like and what my 14 day results bring. Until then stay tuned and be healthy 🙂

Foods Causing Inflammation

I am on the lifelong journey of healing my gut…period. I’ve had irritable bowel syndrome most of my life, diagnosed at 16 years old, and every I step forward I take on my health and fitness journey IS ABOUT THIS!  When you are in your teens and 20’s its about losing weight and jean sizes, when you are in your 30’s its about FEELING Good inside and out!  Last year after having my second daughter I had a food sensitivity test done because I wanted someone to just TELL ME what foods are aggrevating my IBS, what foods should I eliminate?  Because for some odd reason its seems to change for me at different times in my life.(Now I’m learning that’s bc of my hormones changing – lovely)  Before I had my girls I could tell you what foods made me bloat, get digestion discomfort and just plain feel like junk. But after having 2 c-sections, I feel like my body is totally different and it responds to food differently too.  Well the food sensitivity test came back CLEAR – meaning I wasn’t allergic to ANYTHING!!!!!! WHAT!  Do you know how frustrating this was?!

Well around the same time I was diagnosed with overgrowth of candida, which is a yeast that grows inside all of us. A healthy amount is normal, an overgrowth causes irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, weight gain, brain fog, joint pain, chronic migraines, insane sugar cravings and MORE….you should look it up if any of these symptoms sound familiar to you!  How do you get it: overconsumption of sugar (maybe  a starbucks latte and blueberry muffin every morning you are pregnancy? idk?) ohhhh man thats painful to admit! But you can also get it from high periods of stress in your life, a round of antibiotics or even birth control. So its very common, but not so commonly talked about OR how to get rid of it.  So i’m sharing this with you bc at that time my IBS was out of control and I had to go on a prescription to kill off the yeast (bc the levels were so high) but I also had to REMOVE Sugar and Flour from my diet bc that is what the yeasts FEEDS off of!!!! And I’ll admit it was HARD!  But I did it!  Not only did i regain control of my ibs symptoms dropping way down but my inflammation in my body and joints dropped as well.

So these are some of the common HIGH INFLAMMATORY FOODS to look at in your diet. If you struggle with inflammation, chronic pain, joint pain, water retention, bloating and/or the struggle to lose weight – education is POWER 🙂


Artificial Sweetners


Processed Foods




Artificial Colors/Preservatives

Vegetable Oils



Carbonated Beverages

Fried Foods

Processed Lunch Meat

I am currently in Chalene Johnson’s Diet Beta Test Group for the next 4 weeks learning A TON! I will be sharing the education and my own results to best help my audience as well 🙂  Stay tuned!!!

So my first step will be eliminating these foods from my diet for the next week to see which ones are aggravating me.