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Join My Team & I will share with you my path to Success!!

I’m an Everyday Girl who has figured out how to triple my income, lose the last 17lbs and build a home based Fitness business helping people get healthy & fit all while building THEIR dream business!!!



I Coach & Mentor Fitness “Enthusiasts” /Students  and Instructors HOW TO:

  • Get in the Best Shape of their Life both Physically & Financially
  • Lose the weight – 5, 10, 20 lbs or more!!!
  • Build a full time income working part time hours from home – starting with one hour a day
  • Start a Home Based Online Fitness Business representing Name Brand Products such as: P90X, Turbo Fire, Insanity & More!
  • Get out of credit card debt and student loans
  • Set up a Plan B for your future doing what you LOVE!!
  • And for those that are serious—Position yourself for Financial Freedom – $1000/week in one year – 6 Figures in 2-3 years!!

Now its your turn…I would LOVE to have you on our team!!

If you love health & fitness, are looking to get yourself in the best shape of your life, have a Genuine interest in Helping Others AND building an online business sharing your Passion – I will SHOW YOU HOW to achieve Success!!

The Coaching Business has Changed my Life!! I have been a Rep for Beachbody since 2008 and went from being on Unemployment in Jan 2010 (from my full time job) to making a six figure income in 2011!!  I have built a LARGE team using social media -facebook/blogging- simply building relationships with people!  I’ve helped hundreds of people just like ME sign up as “Coaches” and achieve their GOALS – Weight Loss, More Energy & Building an Online Business!!  I want to do the same for you…its about paying it forward!  One person at a time and our contageous Spirit can make a difference!

As a Coach with Beachbody, your Role is to help people Get Healthy & Fit and provide the Accountability & Support of a “Coach”.  You can sign up to work the business or simply to get the 25% discount on the products!  You are representing Brand Names like P90X, Turbo Fire, Insanity, Hip Hop Abs & More! People KNOW the products, all you have to do is REACH OUT!!


By Joining MY TEAM – I will help you become Successful in your Fitness & Business Goals!! I will share with you everything that I have learned including: Social Media training, How to Network by building Friendships, How to be YOU and do what you LOVE everyday!!

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Let’s make a Change Together….Looking forward to helping you reach your Success!!  Contact me today at – TITLED Coaching…  MESSAGE ME How this Business can help you Change your Life!! I look forward to speaking with you 🙂