Customer Testimonials

AMAZING Success Stories of Real People who committed for 30 days to: Eat Clean, Drink 1 Shake a Day, Workout & be Accountable to their “Coach”!!!  We are a Team of Coaches helping people Get Healthy, Fit & Live a Better Life!! Look at what they achieved in just 30 DAYS!
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Candice Schaper – LOST 6lbs & 17 inches!!

My coach is Kristina Sullins

“I have completely re-focused my diet and exercise program and I feel so great! My digestion is better and I have more energy. Shakeology is the best nutritional bang for your buck both calorically and financially speaking. Thanks Kristina for inviting me to the challenge! It’s made a huge change in my life and I’ve even signed on to be an independent team Beachbody coach!”


Sheila Kazda – LOST 7lbs!!

My Coach is Kristina Sullins

“I can definitely tell a difference in my energy level! My scrub pants for work are also looser than usual, I had to place a new order. I’ve been waking up at 5am for workouts 5 days a week and I think working out early definitely helped. Before when I would try to get to the gym after work, I would come up with the silliest excuses for not getting to the gym… so now I have no excuses when I wake up early and GO!  Thanks so much for the support and guidance, Kristina, you are a rockstar!”

Jill – LOST 12lbs & 7.5 inches!!!

My Coach is Abby Jiminez

“Although my losses are not substantial, my gains are. I have gained confidence; confidence that I can adopt a healthier lifestyle and confidence that I can make exercise part of my daily routine. I have gained respect for myself. After suffering from a crippling depression for over a year, I lost my self worth. I truly believe that the power of shakeology has benefited me physically and, in turn, emotionally. I feel … better. I am so thankful for this experience. I am grateful for the support of my coach throughout this journey. The shakeology program has provided me with the beginning of lifelong healthy habits and I am a better person because of it.”

Amanda Hill – LOST 7lbs and 7 inches!

My Coach is Bethany Doran

“I have been made more aware of what I’m eating and doing some sort of exercise!! I have More ENERGY and my hair is Shinier!!”

Roni Monroe – LOST 7lbs & 22inces!!

My Coach is Katee Lantz Motain

“It was tough in the beginning but it helped me become more aware of what i put into my body 😀 I had a blast doing the challenge!!!:

Kristin ‘Duenn’ Tzanetopoulos – LOST 10lbs & 8.5 inches!!!

My Coach is Alison Blaker

“Doing the challenge really focused my eating and getting some sort of exercise in everyday. Now I can’t go without doing something everyday. I tied with another person as winner of the July challenge and hoping to do it again in August!”

Shelly Leimer-Montoya – LOST 6 lbs & 16 inches!!

Coach Bethany Doran

“I’m eating more regularly. I can fit into clothes that I haven’t worn since b4 my 3 y.o. was conceived. My skin and hair look healthier. I FEEL better, sleep better, and people have noticed. My husband even commented on it.”

Trina – LOST 4.6lbs & 6.5 inches!!

My Coach is Abby Jiminez

“I was not so sure this shake would really do everything that you guys were saying. Boy, was I wrong! I started out following the nutrition and exercise plan to a tee…then, things got crazy at work and I couldn’t take the time to snack and work out every day. I still drank my shake faithfully. I LOVE IT!!!!

I can tell a huge difference in my energy level, even thru the stress that I am under at work! I am truly a believer! I know that the shake will always be a part of my life. My sister is even drinking it!

Our 11 year old son, who is playing his first year of football even likes it!

Thank you so much for being our coach. I know I am not always as dedicated as I should be, but I appreciate your encouragement. I will continue to work out and drink my shake, because it is now a part of my life, or a lifestyle change.”

Vani Veedam – LOST 8lbs & 7inches!!!

My Coach is Kristina Sullins

“My Energy was Up and Cravings went Down!!”