Foods Causing Inflammation

I am on the lifelong journey of healing my gut…period. I’ve had irritable bowel syndrome most of my life, diagnosed at 16 years old, and every I step forward I take on my health and fitness journey IS ABOUT THIS!  When you are in your teens and 20’s its about losing weight and jean sizes, when you are in your 30’s its about FEELING Good inside and out!  Last year after having my second daughter I had a food sensitivity test done because I wanted someone to just TELL ME what foods are aggrevating my IBS, what foods should I eliminate?  Because for some odd reason its seems to change for me at different times in my life.(Now I’m learning that’s bc of my hormones changing – lovely)  Before I had my girls I could tell you what foods made me bloat, get digestion discomfort and just plain feel like junk. But after having 2 c-sections, I feel like my body is totally different and it responds to food differently too.  Well the food sensitivity test came back CLEAR – meaning I wasn’t allergic to ANYTHING!!!!!! WHAT!  Do you know how frustrating this was?!

Well around the same time I was diagnosed with overgrowth of candida, which is a yeast that grows inside all of us. A healthy amount is normal, an overgrowth causes irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, weight gain, brain fog, joint pain, chronic migraines, insane sugar cravings and MORE….you should look it up if any of these symptoms sound familiar to you!  How do you get it: overconsumption of sugar (maybe  a starbucks latte and blueberry muffin every morning you are pregnancy? idk?) ohhhh man thats painful to admit! But you can also get it from high periods of stress in your life, a round of antibiotics or even birth control. So its very common, but not so commonly talked about OR how to get rid of it.  So i’m sharing this with you bc at that time my IBS was out of control and I had to go on a prescription to kill off the yeast (bc the levels were so high) but I also had to REMOVE Sugar and Flour from my diet bc that is what the yeasts FEEDS off of!!!! And I’ll admit it was HARD!  But I did it!  Not only did i regain control of my ibs symptoms dropping way down but my inflammation in my body and joints dropped as well.

So these are some of the common HIGH INFLAMMATORY FOODS to look at in your diet. If you struggle with inflammation, chronic pain, joint pain, water retention, bloating and/or the struggle to lose weight – education is POWER 🙂


Artificial Sweetners


Processed Foods




Artificial Colors/Preservatives

Vegetable Oils



Carbonated Beverages

Fried Foods

Processed Lunch Meat

I am currently in Chalene Johnson’s Diet Beta Test Group for the next 4 weeks learning A TON! I will be sharing the education and my own results to best help my audience as well 🙂  Stay tuned!!!

So my first step will be eliminating these foods from my diet for the next week to see which ones are aggravating me.

Living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

I’ve been on what feels like a life long journey battling Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS) / Spastic Colon! It has RULED my life for 19 years!!! I’m not a Dr., just a woman who has FIGURED IT OUT (for the most part) and want to share my journey to help others!! I WISH I knew NOW 19 years ago, but I didn’t….and everything I have learned has been my own research and trial/error. There is hope, you can conquer this and take back your life….it starts NOW!!

First thing to know is that there are 2 different types of IBS – IBSC and IBSD (constipation or diarrhea) I know…lovely that we are talking about this right!!  I have IBSC – For most of my life I walked around with a BLOATED BELLY that was rock hard, I held on to a ton of WATER WEIGHT and ALWAYS had Random SPASM ATTACKS of sharp shooting pains….so painful that no matter where I was I had to drop to the floor and lie on my right side for the pain to go away.  It was a nightmare!! In my teenage years it was so bad I was literally AFRAID TO EAT….so you can imagine where that went.  Then 5 years later I seemed to keep packing on the pounds no matter how much I worked out!!!  FRUSTRATING!!!  You will NEED to get diagnosed by a Doctor as I can not tell you whether you have it or not….it is also in so many layers that different people experience different levels of discomfort and/or pain.  As the years went on it only got worse….it literally took me HITTING THE WALL to DECIDE i was DONE!!! I was going to do what it took to FIGURE IT OUT and BEAT IT!!!!

Here are my top tips on controlling IBSC

1. You must CLEAN UP your DIET – I list some of the trigger foods in the video below but will do an additional blog post on this

2. Only drink WATER

3. Avoid STRESS

4. Get 8 +++ hours of SLEEP

Here is a site that has dramatically helped me on my journey, I just found it in April 2010 HELP FOR IBS

WHAT IS Irritable Bowel Syndrome? IBS?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is the most common chronic health disorder in America, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, affecting more people than asthma, diabetes, and depression combined. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a physical – not psychological – disorder that affects mainly the bowel, which is also called the large intestine. The bowel is the part of the digestive system that makes and stores stool.

IBS is characterized by its symptoms: lower abdominal pain or discomfort, diarrhea, constipation (or alternating diarrhea/constipation), gas, bloating, and nausea. There is no cure for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but there are many very effective ways of controlling and even eliminating IBS symptoms.

Interestingly, IBS affects far more women than men; seventy-five percent of people diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome are women. However, IBS symptoms, IBS diagnosis protocols, and IBS treatments are the same for women and men.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not a disease. It’s a functional disorder, which means that the bowel simply does not work as it should

Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome – What Are IBS Symptoms?
As noted, Irritable Bowel Syndrome is characterized by its symptoms: continuous or recurrent lower abdominal pain or cramping (from mild to excruciating) in association with altered bowel motility (diarrhea, constipation, or both).

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