Turbo Class BEFORE I found out I was Pregnant!

Talk about the journey of a lifetime…Being Prego AND Working Out!! Everyone asks me, HOW am I doing it??

Honestly, its Flippin Hard!!! But for me Fitness is a lifestyle, its not a choice but a decision I make everyday to do something good for my body.  I love to workout! I love the adrenaline rush from high intensity workouts and the feeling afterwards of the endorphin high…..BUT its a totally different feeling when you are PREGO!!  Ugh!! No high intensity training, jumping, pushing yourself to the next level….nope its all about maintaining at this point.

So YES you must speak to your doctor first on what you CAN and CANNOT DO…but they are most likely going to say, whatever you HAVE BEEN doing, continue to do it!!! So all the more reason to get yourself in the BEST PHYSICAL CONDITION possible BEFORE you are pregnant so you can continue that during the pregnancy!!

Last year I lost 20lbs and was at my lowest weight EVER!!  Now I’m thankful because it has helped me not gain as much weight during pregnancy!  I have been teaching Turbo Kick for 7 years so my body is used to it…therefore I have been able to continue to teach because my cardio and body are conditioned for it.  So I had to make a lot of “adjustments, modifications and in some cases Learn How to Workout” all over again…but I do it because its good for me, for the baby and because THIS IS THE LIFESTYLE I choose to live!! Fitness 🙂

1st Trimester Workouts – Taught Turbo Kick & Hip Hop Hustle plus P90X at home

2nd Trimester – Continued to teach Turbo & Hustle and did Turbo Jam at home (Turbo Jam is slower than Turbo Kick/Turbo Fire)

3rd Trimester – I plan to teach to 34 weeks!!! My cardio is great but I literally just feel the pressure and its uncomfortable…so sad to give my classes up but I will be back in no time!

I’m also working with a Personal Trainer the next 2 months on resistance training and flexibility!

So bottom line…talk to your doctor first!  I choose a newer/modern OBGYN who understands What I Do and really allows me to continue being ME while taking care of the baby!

Some days you are so tired you can’t get off the couch…that’s ok!! But the other days…just move!!! Even if that’s taking a walk or modifying your favorite workout!