Foods Causing Inflammation

I am on the lifelong journey of healing my gut…period. I’ve had irritable bowel syndrome most of my life, diagnosed at 16 years old, and every I step forward I take on my health and fitness journey IS ABOUT THIS!  When you are in your teens and 20’s its about losing weight and jean sizes, when you are in your 30’s its about FEELING Good inside and out!  Last year after having my second daughter I had a food sensitivity test done because I wanted someone to just TELL ME what foods are aggrevating my IBS, what foods should I eliminate?  Because for some odd reason its seems to change for me at different times in my life.(Now I’m learning that’s bc of my hormones changing – lovely)  Before I had my girls I could tell you what foods made me bloat, get digestion discomfort and just plain feel like junk. But after having 2 c-sections, I feel like my body is totally different and it responds to food differently too.  Well the food sensitivity test came back CLEAR – meaning I wasn’t allergic to ANYTHING!!!!!! WHAT!  Do you know how frustrating this was?!

Well around the same time I was diagnosed with overgrowth of candida, which is a yeast that grows inside all of us. A healthy amount is normal, an overgrowth causes irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, weight gain, brain fog, joint pain, chronic migraines, insane sugar cravings and MORE….you should look it up if any of these symptoms sound familiar to you!  How do you get it: overconsumption of sugar (maybe  a starbucks latte and blueberry muffin every morning you are pregnancy? idk?) ohhhh man thats painful to admit! But you can also get it from high periods of stress in your life, a round of antibiotics or even birth control. So its very common, but not so commonly talked about OR how to get rid of it.  So i’m sharing this with you bc at that time my IBS was out of control and I had to go on a prescription to kill off the yeast (bc the levels were so high) but I also had to REMOVE Sugar and Flour from my diet bc that is what the yeasts FEEDS off of!!!! And I’ll admit it was HARD!  But I did it!  Not only did i regain control of my ibs symptoms dropping way down but my inflammation in my body and joints dropped as well.

So these are some of the common HIGH INFLAMMATORY FOODS to look at in your diet. If you struggle with inflammation, chronic pain, joint pain, water retention, bloating and/or the struggle to lose weight – education is POWER 🙂


Artificial Sweetners


Processed Foods




Artificial Colors/Preservatives

Vegetable Oils



Carbonated Beverages

Fried Foods

Processed Lunch Meat

I am currently in Chalene Johnson’s Diet Beta Test Group for the next 4 weeks learning A TON! I will be sharing the education and my own results to best help my audience as well 🙂  Stay tuned!!!

So my first step will be eliminating these foods from my diet for the next week to see which ones are aggravating me.

She’s Losing the Last 10lbs

I’m on that journey to LOSE the last 10lbs after my 2nd pregnancy 19 months ago. Although I have done this twice now at two different times in my life, its still hard.  The first time was pre-babies hitting my lowest weight of 131 and the second was after my first daughter…however I did do it!!!  I don’t get obsessive about weight so for me its timing.  Its been over a year since I’ve my daughter, I’ve lost a lot of the weight and I’m in a place now where I can actually tackle this last amount. So if you are looking at your own journey – consider looking at in “blocks”.  You may want to lose 30lbs but just take 10 at a time, create an action plan for that and the success you make happen will motivate you to continue…

So now that I’ve made that decision what will the workout and nutrition program look like? I pretty much choose my workout program based on what I feel MY BODY needs and is craving right now…I’ve just come off of doing Core De Force for 90 days (results on the left side) then Hammer and Chisel (strength training) so I’ve had a good mix of cardio and weights. Now I”m looking to TONE and RE-SHAPE my lower body for summer so I’ve chosen Brazil Butt Lift for the next 30 days mixed with teaching Turbo Kick once a week!! The trainer for #BrazilButtLift was the personal trainer for the Victoria Secret Supermodels!!!! So yes enough said 🙂  But I do change up my workouts every 30 days to keep my body guessing and challenged.

Nutrition is going to be about Leveling Up! Taking what I’m already doing and kicking it up a notch to see those NEXT LEVEL results I’m looking for! Sooooooo for me thats going to be lowering SUGAR and CARBS. Focusing on protein, veggies, healthy fats and documenting it all.  I don’t get crazy – I still eat peanut butter and guacamole and even pizza on the weekends if i want it!!! I believe you have to do it all in moderation and the moment you feel deprived – you will set yourself up for failure…so I can help set you up for success to prevent that 🙂

I’m on day 7 and starting an Accountability Group May 1st with a starting date of May 8th.  IF YOU would like direction, guidance of a Coach to help you lose the last or the NEXT 10lbs – I would love to have you on the journey with me and in my group of motivated ladies!!! As your personal Coach  I will give you a meal plan that will be simple to follow, virtual workouts that you can stream from your phone / tablet / computer and a private app where you can check in daily!! I will help you trouble shoot the places you were getting stuck before, identify those areas and give you a mapped out plan to succeed.

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You’ve got this girlfriend!


Kristina xoxo



Like most women, I’ve been on a life long journey to manage my weight.  Yes I am a Fitness Instructor and Yes I love to workout…simply for the Energy it gives me and the endorphin high that I’m addicted to!!  So why was I always struggling to lose the Last 10lbs? Even to hold the weight I was at was a struggle…it seemed like I could gain 5 lbs in a weekend if I didn’t workout or watch everything that I put into my mouth.  I like eating healthy and love to workout so what was the problem?  What was I missing?  This was a question I asked myself for a long time ….and I honestly thought that my body was suppose to be this way, it wanted to be at this weight and I had to accept that or did I?  Ultimately I wasn’t happy and was determined to find a solution…

20lbs later….

I have found the solution!!  Not only to the weight loss which I have kept off now for over a year, but for the first time in my life I am in CONTROL of my weight!!!  I have more Energy than Ever and I’m NOT hungry!! That’s powerful!!!  Here is how I did it….

In January of 2010 I was at my heaviest weight of 151lbs!  I made a commitment to start P90X and drink Shakeology everyday!!  P90X is exactly what my body needed!  My body is conditioned for cardio due to years of teaching group fitness but P90X was completely different…it is a 90 day at home fitness program involving Muscle Confusion.  Basically a different workout each day so your body can’t get comfortable because you’re constantly changing it up!! Then every 30 days the program changes and steps it up a notch!  The first 30 days kicked my booty!!  I started to see muscle definition, my strength improved and the inches started to melt away!!

The Game Changer for me was Shakeology!! And that’s where I really started to lose the weight from.  How does it work? Basically its a Health Drink with over 70 natural ingredients including Super Fruits from around the world!!  It is superior nutrition that my body had never experienced before!  Within the first 2-3 weeks I watched my Sugar Cravings start to disappear, my Energy Increase and my Body began to Crave WATER!!!  Having struggled with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) most of my life, the digestive cultures and priobitics in Shakeology helped my digestive system as well!!  Personally, everytime I go on a nutrition program and restrict my calories to lose weight I get migraines, my energy gets zapped, I get moody, hungry and just in general I don’t feel like myself.  Maybe you can relate?  But this time was different..because my body was getting all the nutrients its NEVER had before all in one meal… I felt AMAZING!!  I actually 100% gave up: Coffee, Diet Pop, Artificial Sweetners, Dairy & Red Meat!!!  I never would have been able to do that without Shakeology!  I drink it everyday once or twice a day and I LOVE IT!!!

In 90 Days I lost 11lbs w/ P90X & Shakeology!! I then started Turbo Fire along with Eating Clean and lost the remaining 9lbs!! I am at a NEW WEIGHT…a weight I wasn’t even at in high school!!!  These programs WORK!

I drink Shakeology everyday and will for the rest of my life…it has changed my life ~ I feel 10 years younger

I’m not going to say it was Easy…but it was Easier 🙂  The workout program is laid out for you to just follow, it comes with an eating guide and a motivational Coach like me 🙂  I’m thankful for these convenient and results orientated workouts to have at my finger tips!!  I now have the tools to not only help myself but my friends & network get in the BEST SHAPE OF OUR LIFE!!  It starts with a question….are you ready to do the work and change your life?



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Turbo Class BEFORE I found out I was Pregnant!

Talk about the journey of a lifetime…Being Prego AND Working Out!! Everyone asks me, HOW am I doing it??

Honestly, its Flippin Hard!!! But for me Fitness is a lifestyle, its not a choice but a decision I make everyday to do something good for my body.  I love to workout! I love the adrenaline rush from high intensity workouts and the feeling afterwards of the endorphin high…..BUT its a totally different feeling when you are PREGO!!  Ugh!! No high intensity training, jumping, pushing yourself to the next level….nope its all about maintaining at this point.

So YES you must speak to your doctor first on what you CAN and CANNOT DO…but they are most likely going to say, whatever you HAVE BEEN doing, continue to do it!!! So all the more reason to get yourself in the BEST PHYSICAL CONDITION possible BEFORE you are pregnant so you can continue that during the pregnancy!!

Last year I lost 20lbs and was at my lowest weight EVER!!  Now I’m thankful because it has helped me not gain as much weight during pregnancy!  I have been teaching Turbo Kick for 7 years so my body is used to it…therefore I have been able to continue to teach because my cardio and body are conditioned for it.  So I had to make a lot of “adjustments, modifications and in some cases Learn How to Workout” all over again…but I do it because its good for me, for the baby and because THIS IS THE LIFESTYLE I choose to live!! Fitness 🙂

1st Trimester Workouts – Taught Turbo Kick & Hip Hop Hustle plus P90X at home

2nd Trimester – Continued to teach Turbo & Hustle and did Turbo Jam at home (Turbo Jam is slower than Turbo Kick/Turbo Fire)

3rd Trimester – I plan to teach to 34 weeks!!! My cardio is great but I literally just feel the pressure and its uncomfortable…so sad to give my classes up but I will be back in no time!

I’m also working with a Personal Trainer the next 2 months on resistance training and flexibility!

So bottom line…talk to your doctor first!  I choose a newer/modern OBGYN who understands What I Do and really allows me to continue being ME while taking care of the baby!

Some days you are so tired you can’t get off the couch…that’s ok!! But the other days…just move!!! Even if that’s taking a walk or modifying your favorite workout!


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