My Turbo Kick Class Tips


  Come Turbo with ME!!  Here are my TOP TIPS to get the MOST out of this Amazing Workout!!!!


  1.  1. Let’s Talk CALORIES – You are going to burn on AVERAGE 500-800 Calories in this workout!!! Some will burn up to 1000, say what??!!! YES this is so much FUN and you are going to have a sweat fest at the same time!!  KNOW that you are your own “personal trainer” and need to LISTEN to your BODY during the workout!  It is an Interval Workout so sometimes your heart rate will be up and you can TALK and during the TURBO DRILL and even the FINALE you will be hitting an ANAEROBIC heart rate which means you will be slightly BREATHLESS!!! That is OK when you are doing it for a short period of time: 2-3 minutes and then RECOVERING afterwards!! BUT….listen to your body and if it feels like too much then just modify the moves and GO AT your OWN PACE!!!! YOU WILL STILL BE BURNING MEGA Calories!!!!!

2. WATER – Be sure to HYDRATE so that you have plenty of ENERGY for the workout!! I recommend 8 oz before class, 8 oz or MORE during class and another 8 oz after class!! That’s a lot of water but its what your body is losing and you will need to REPLENISH what you’ve lost!!! ALWAYS come into class w/ a LARGE water bottle! You are going to Need it!!

3.  Shoes – I’m not going to recommend a certain “brand” but I will say that what I personally recommend is a CROSS TRAINER!! Make sure they have good support in the BALL of the foot and the HEEL!  I recommend to buy the inserts designed for higher impact and extra cushion/protection for your feet.  They run $20-$30 at the shoe store and are usually offered to you as an up-sell.  For years I didn’t buy them but can tell you that they make a WORLD of difference w/ impact!  They also help your shoes last longer!!  Also, you need to either wear multiple pairs of shoes all the time AND/OR buy NEW SHOES every 4 months or so!! They will look NEW on the outside but the minute your feet start to hurt, you need NEW SHOES!!! Consider it an investment in your health & fitness!! You only get one pair of feet 🙂 Take care of them!  Bottom line…you should feel like you are walking on CLOUDS, if not try a new brand!

4.  Nutrition – Most people ask me WHAT TO EAT before or after class to perform at their best during Turbo Kick! The truth is, that it is different for everyone and you should probably experiment.  I recommend to try not to eat 1 hour before class, if you feel you need a bit of FUEL then something small like a nutrition bar or a piece of fruit/cottage cheese etc.  Then you definitely need to FUEL your body about 45 minutes AFTER your workout!!! and this is WHEN you can eat the carbs because you just burned a ton off…and if you don’t eat them now you might feel like you are going to CRASH an hour or so after the workout….and you shouldn’t!!!! You should feel ENERGIZED!!! If you don’t, take a harder look at your nutrition!

5.  Have Fun – Listen to your body and do what FEELS GOOD to you!!! Don’t compare yourself to anyone else in class but YOU!!!  Don’t worry about getting ALL THE MOVES/CHOREOGRAPHY…You WILL in Time!!!  Just have FUN, get your heart rate up and do what you can do!!! If you can “let that go” I promise you will forget you are working out and still burn a ton of calories!! Each time you come back to class you learn the choreography more and more!!!

Please CONNECT with me Before or After Class on any questions you have about the Choreography, Workout or your Fitness Goals!!! I’d love to take the time and help you feel more comfortable!

If you can make it through your first class, I PROMISE you will be HOOKED!!!!


Lifetime Fitness – Romeoville IL

Monday 10:45am and 5:30pm

Wednesday 5:45pm

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